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Nama:원나잇 온리 / One Night Only (2014) [2/2]
Durasi:33 mnt 43 dtk
Dipublikasikan:10 Agustus 2014
Description::Night Bug (dir. by Kim Tae-Yong)
Han-Jae meets gay men at a bar in Jongno District, Seoul. He first meets them through an internet site. Once they get drunk, Han-Jae steals their money. He is accompanied by Hoon and pretends he is his boyfriend. Hoon is popular, but Han-Jae ignores Hoon's feelings for him. One day, Hoon suddenly kisses Han-Jae.

One Night (dir. by Kim-Jho Gwang-Soo)
Geun-Ho is almost hit by a car. At that time, Joon, who is visiting Jinju from Seoul, saves Geun-Ho. They happen to meet at a bar later that night. Geun-Ho and his friends goes to Seoul with Joon.
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