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Nama:My Story of Islam
Durasi:21 mnt 47 dtk
Dipublikasikan:16 Januari 2018
Description::I will answer many questions in the comment section, but please don't bring up religion in every YouTube videos that I upload, especially asking it right away on Instagram. I will not answer it there.

This is my story that's perhaps embarrassing to me, that's rather personal, and in 2009-2013, I try to cover up this story from everyone. After I take off my syari' hijab (and starting to wear more fashionable ones), I left. And after I take off my hijab entirely, I left again; making new friends and losing the old ones.

Suddenly somehow, one day I appeared in Wara Wiri Trans7 (Indonesian TV show) without jilbab. Komeng (show host) didn't know that I was this extreme. I was too embarrassed to foreigners and Indonesians as well. But now in 2018, I think that my history means nothing if I can't share it. At that time, I didn't want to be analised then, but I am ready for it now. ONLY ON THIS VIDEO, PLEASE! I'm sharing a very private part of my history, so please respect that.
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