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Nama:24 Creepiest Kids
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Dipublikasikan:06 Juli 2016
Description::Photos capturing just how creepy children can be sometimes like when they have an evil look on their face or when they're just scary!

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11. Victorian Children Photos
Look out behind you! It’s a ghost monster! Or maybe their mother? Hold on a minute. Children in victorian photos were especially creepy when taking photos of their kids. It’s not always the kids fault especially in these cases. Kids are known to move around a lot which would have messed up the photo. And photography was expensive at this time. The mothers were disguised and covered in order for the kid to get a good photo.

10. Ghost Child
Why do kids always seem to appear in ghost movies? Because kids are creepy! This photo here proves it. It was allegedly taken at the Amityville horror house where murders took place. The photographer swore there were no kids in the frame when the photo was taken, since the entire house was closed off. Children were murdered in this house so the haunting spirits of a kid is rather possible.

9. Scary New York Baby
While some people in new york are considered to be ill-tempered by the rest of the country, this baby was worse than anyone could imagine. Luckily, it wasn’t real but scared the living bajesus out of passersby. The demon baby prank was a remote controlled device that would move itself and pop out and scare people like you see in this video. The baby lets out a terrifying scream that only the devil could possess.

8. Post-Mortem Creepy Kids
Without the same technological advances that we have today, an unfortunate large amount of kids passed away from diseases like tuberculosis and cholera. But even after death, these kids find a way to be creepy! This kid looks like he just drank a juicebox and is ready to get zombie apocalypse started!

7. Eye’s Wide Shut
Post Mortem photos were a common occurrence and most of the time, the only photos someone would take would be in the afterlife. So it was a common practice and what might seem extremely odd to us, was just a way to remember a loved one to them. If you look close enough, you can see her eyes were painted on, adding more to the creepiness. Even the ghost mom in the background is there, adding more to the eery vibe!

6. Rest in Peace
What could make these photos even creepier? Possibly have live children in the photos who aren’t looking in the right direction! Something about the christian icons and portraits in the background almost makes you think of the haunted mansion ride at disneyland. On top of it, the kid in the middle’s face is blurred. Cameraman error or soul flying around this haunted looking house.

5. The Kid from the Grudge
This photo here displays possibly the creepiest kid of all movie history, ever! This wacko kid was featured in the film The Grudge in 2002 and still most likely haunts people to this day. This kid would look people in the eye and give them a gut wrenching scream or even meow like a cat! Keep your scary kids away please!

4. Twins from the Shining
These two twins featured in the film the Shining really makes you contemplate getting your tubes tied immediately! The book written by Stephen King was turned into a horror film with Jack Nicholson but he wasn’t even the creepiest thing in the movie. The twins from this film are just the stuff nightmares are made from. No! I will not come play with you, and if I do it certainly won’t be forever and ever! Leave me alone!

3. The Girl from the Ring
For some reason, creepy kids and horror peanut butter and jelly. Why must director's torment us like this? This girl featured in the Ring crawls out of a well, then out of the television after you watched the movie and takes you with her to the after. And possibly now, she’ll crawl through the computer screen! Watch out!

2. Pure Evil
Oh lord! Someone kill it with fire before it lays eggs! This wasn’t a wrong angle or a cameraman mistake this kid must literally be the spawn of Lucifer himself. I hope the parents keep this creature in a cage for as long as possible

1. Black Eyed Children
If you’ve already made it this far in the list, you deserve a medal for your bravery. Kids are so terrifying, black eyed children have become an internet phenomenon and won’t stop until they’ve stolen your souls. They are often young children with black eyes. People have actually witnessed these creatures along the highway or even at your front door! Whatever you do, leave these kids on the street! Witnesses also say they get the feeling that these kids are supernatural being but couldn’t explain why exactly. They might approach you face down to hide the color of their eyes. They apparently won’t attack unless you invite them into your car or house but you might want to board your windows anyways! These mysterious beings are thought to be the souls of lost or murdered children
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